General 5 years ago

Apple to Introduce Multi-Tasking In iPhone Soon?

This new add-on to the existing and (maybe) coming up iPhone ver. 4.0 is expected when Apple announces the upgrade of OS...
General 5 years ago

Dell Mini5 Tablet Specs Leaked [Updated with More Pics]

Update: More hands on pictures revealed of one of the most speculated hardware from Dell has its specs leaked out in the...
General 5 years ago

Sneak Peek At Motorola Cliq XT Pictures

The upcoming T-Mobile Motorola Cliq XT has had its photo shoot done and it is really a very good looking phone. See for ...
Industry 5 years ago

Enomther’s ROM for Nexus One Released

Enmother has released a new "Official" ROM for Nexus One which hosts a major upgrade over all other ROMs.
Industry 5 years ago

Google Launches Apps Marketplace for Businesses

Google has finally unveiled their Apps Marketplace for businesses where the apps developers will have access to over 2 m...
General 5 years ago

First Multi-Format Video Player for Android

For all the Android users and fans, this one find may change how we look at the video players in our mobiles as xda-deve...
General 5 years ago

Valve Official Announcement for Gaming On MAC

It does not come as a surprise as knowing Apple, it was just a matter of time when it had to get it's platform and hardw...
General 5 years ago

Motorola Backflip Now on Sale on AT&T

This is the first Motorola Android Phone AT&T is selling and as a matter of fact, this is the first feel of Android the ...
Industry 5 years ago

SIM Free HTC Desire Available on Pre-Order on Amazon UK

So finally HTC has decided to unveil the smartest phone (after Nexus One) on the market and what a way to reveal it.
General 5 years ago

Apple iPad Launching on April 3rd 2010

The word is out and everyone of the Apple fanboys (and girls) are getting prepped to buy the enlarged iPhone...
General 5 years ago

Enable Paid Apps Access in Android Market Outside USA

This is for rooted devices but if your device is neither rooted nor you know how to then you can browse through the link...
Industry 5 years ago

Google, HTC & Apple; Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Where does Google come in? Well, I feel that Google was dragged into it by mistake by Apple Legal team and since the pet...
General 5 years ago

T-Mobile HTC HD2 Launch on March 24th?

Although we trust BGR for breaking insider news but listing of HD2 as dark handset is something we would take with a pin...
General 5 years ago

Apple Sues HTC and Targets Android Too

For the last couple of months we have been covering how Apple is misbehaving in the industry, especially you Mr. Jobs.






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