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Verizon HTC Incredible to Launch in 2 Weeks?

After HTC Supersonic reported to be ready for launch with Sprint in coming weeks, Verizon’s latest addition HTC Incredible is now rumored to be ready for launch within next two weeks.

HTC Incredible is based on the same Snapdragon CPU, which is capable of speeds of over 1.0GHz but it is reported to have been under clocked to 768 MHz. We can all see what HTC phones are capable of and with the reported expected specs of the phone, all I can say is “Incredible”

HTC Incredible

So far the leaked specs are:

  • 768MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU (under clocked from 1 GHz)
  • 3.7 inch AMOLED Screen
  • 6GB on-board storage space
  • 512MB RAM
  • 8 Mega Pixel Camera with Auto Focus and LED Flash
  • HTC Sense UI

So far It has not been confirmed but we can certainly expect some sort of announcement within this month from Verizon or HTC.

Source: Slash Gear

Samsung Galaxy Spica Gets Official Android 2.1 Upgrade

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a leading mobile phone provider, today announced it has upgraded its powerful Galaxy Spica (I5700) smartphone to harness the power of the latest version of AndroidTM, Android 2.1. The smartphone now offers users a galaxy of new features and an unrivalled mobile experience.

The Galaxy Spica retains all the features inherent in the successful Galaxy Spica (I5700), such as seamless connectivity and access to GoogleTM mobile services, multimedia functionality and speedy processor performance

Samsung Galaxy Spacia

“Lovers of the Galaxy Spica appreciated the ease with which they could access their contacts and personalise their experience – our upgraded handset offers all this and much more; a rich and rewarding and powerful mobile experience,” said JK Shin, President and Head of the Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics.

The upgrade will be available via PC Studio 7, Samsung’s unique in-house software upgrade program. PC Studio 7 was included in the package of Galaxy Spica or can be downloaded at the Samsung mobile website (

Enhanced User Experienced
The Galaxy Spica becomes a highly intuitive communications device offering users the option to personalise no less than nine side-scrolling screens. Users can really let their imaginations run wild, creating different home screens according to different personal interests or requirements.

The handset now features augmented reality technology that displays real-time digital information of your surroundings over the view-finder of the Galaxy Spica’s 3 megapixel camera. The Galaxy Spica also features Samsung widgets, Visual bookmark and PC Sync support to enable users to synchronise their devices quickly.

Enhanced Multimedia and Messaging Functionality
The handset now comes with a number of enhanced multimedia features which transform the Galaxy Spica into a personal entertainment device. Media browser allows you to browse through your media collection with ease. The camera has been upgraded to offer enhanced picture options and viewing functionality.

Improved messaging functionality means that it is much easier to attach files to MMS and email that users can easily add contacts to messages direct from the phonebook. Improved contact management enables users to find a necessary contact very easily through the alphabetical index.

The upgrade will be available from March 2010 in Germany and gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and rest of the world.

Source: Samsung Press Release

IE9 Will Not Run On Windows XP

I am scared now of what Microsoft is going to do next. Microsoft Executives have made it clear that the latest and upcoming version of Internet Explorer version 9 will not be supported on Windows XP, period!

This is given with a reason that Windows XP does not have Direct2D feature of DirectX to support as it was introduced in Windows 7 and also ported backwards to Windows Vista. The IE9 platform preview given yesterday by Microsoft had an underlined message for all the Windows XP users and that was, upgrade your OS and give us some darn money.

Now at this point, I think that MS has finally contributed positively towards the declining share of its browser in the Internet industry. The users now have more and better alternatives to browse the Internet on like FireFox and Opera (yes Chrome too). With add-ons and plug-ins available for all these browsers, users can finally choose the best of all browsers thus it will not give Microsoft any advantage over others.

Last word, it is a good move on Microsoft’s part to finally decide to let go of the past companion-ships of browsers with OS and its developer team can work with more focus to develop browser with lesser OS compatibilities. Microsoft also said that it had no plans (for now) to make IE9 for Mac or Linux users (like they care!)

Via: PC Mag

Sprint To Launch HTC Supersonic Next Week?

The first complete 4G WiMAX enabled phone to hit the market, since the prototype by Nokia, is going to be by none other than HTC. This company amazes me to the core and I think they are the ones who will give very tough competition to both Apple and Nokia in terms of phone hardware.

HTC Supersonic

Wall Street Journal reports that Sprint is likely to announce the first WiMAX enabled mobile phone next week. During CTIA Wireless Trade Show Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said

It’s now or never. They won’t have an exclusive on the 4G marketing message indefinitely.”Avi GreengartAnalyst at Current Analysis

Sprint had selected Clearwire as their network provider for deployment and expansion of its WiMAX network, ahead of the closest rivals Verizon and AT&T. Sprint will sell HTC Supersonic with or without a contract  after March, 2010 hopefully.

The speculated specifications of HTC Supersonic are:

• 4.3” AMOLED
• 1 GB ROM
• 512 RAM
• 5 MP Camera with Dual LED; Auto focus, Digital zoom
• Kickstand
• 3.5mm Head Jack
• WiMax
• Bluetooth
• FM Radio
• 1GHZ Snapdragon
• MicroUSB and MicroSD

Via: WSJ & Android Community

Apple: We Don’t Need No Screen Protectors…

Sing it like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and you will get the “tune”. On the other hand Apple has reportedly said that it will no longer endorse any more screen protectors for its iPhone [that is lame actually]. Now what I wonder is what is go next? Maybe the pouches or casings.

Apple has been on the roll to modify its products and services ever since Google entered the mobile OS market with Android. On one hand Google is rapidly working on making accessories for its Nexus One and we can see the online market (Amazon, Cellular Nationwide Network) to be ahead of everyone to come up with Nexus One accessories like screen protectors and protective casings. Now this move has taken those consumers by surprise who actually were dependent on Apple to tell them which screen protector is best for their iPhone [what will they do now].

Apple Store

Anyway, the word is that Apple is now looking at including the protective laying technology for repelling finger prints and minor oil stains into the screens of future iPhone, iPad and other “i” related products which carry a large screen display.

Via: Engadget & 9to5Mac

HTC HD3 Concept Photos with Leaked Specs

It seems like this year we are going to see a lot more than expected in the advancement of Mobile phones. As I have mentioned in my previous posts that Google has started the battle which will never end [or maybe it will end with a company giving up... *hint* it is a fruit].

Anyway, this time around it is the HTC HD2 which had its specs leak out in the wild some time ago and now the concept pictures are available for your viewing pleasure. By the looks of it, it does seem like a real deal but then again, since there is no confirmation from HTC for now, we will take it as concept.



The leaked specs are nothing less that spectacular as well, have a look:

  • CPU: 1.5GHz Snapdragon
  • MEM: 1GB RAM & 1GB ROM
  • Internal Memory: 16GB
  • Screen: 4.5 inch (1280 x 800)
  • Connectivity: 4G, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, Bluetooth
  • Battery: 1800 mAH

I think the specs are pretty good but it looks more like a dream phone by a developer. Anyway, rumor only develops when there is some truth to it…

Via: Sizzledcore

Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace Revealed

Microsoft has given a demo of how the Windows Phone 7 Series will connect to the developers for showcasing their work on apps and tools for WP7 Series to consumers. In the likes of Apple iTunes store and Android Marketplace, Microsoft has also made it clear that all the applications and tools will be available through Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace only.

WP7 Marketplace

This move essentially give confirmation of Microsoft being very serious about the Mobile market and would not stay behind its closes rivals in terms of providing content delivery. It is however very interesting to see the interactivity WP7 Marketplace brings to the user and this will make a difference for the users when they come down to choose the OS in future.

Head to Engadget for a cool video of how Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace will work on WP7 devices.

Via: Engadget

Updated: Verizon Nexus One With Sense UI?

Update: Verizon has updated [corrected] the mistakes in the site. Removed Sense UI and removed the type in Google url. It is still 1GHz Snapdragon.

Now this is news. Either Verizon does not know that Nexus One cannot have Sense UI until Google says so or they have been allowed by Google in an exclusive deal to offer CDMA Nexus One version with Sense UI [I'd pick the former].

Anyway, apart from HTC Sense UI being on the list of Nexus One features, it was also mentioned and you can see it clearly in the picture that the phone will be available through Google’s website only. This means that Verizon’s version will not be sold by Verizon…. I’m confused here.

Although the screen shot comes as a quick sneak peek through a mobile camera but verification is very hard to have at this point in time unless it comes up as coming soon on Verizon’s website. I tried to figure out whether the picture was “shopped” but it is not. Just wait for a couple of more weeks and you’d know. For now, let me know if you find anything unusual about this.

Old Screen Shot

Nexus One Verizon

New Screenshot

Nexus One Verizon

Source: Android Central

Apple Sells 50,000 iPad in First 2 Hours

It is indeed a marvelous victory on Apple’s part as their hottest product to date [or at least for 2010] has started queuing up for grabs like hot cakes.

Mashable reports that they have indeed taken up a report from a group of die hard Apple fans in APPL Sanity Board, who track everything Apple does and they have put up a spreadsheet in which all calculations are done. Also according to Fortune’s Phillip Elmer-DeWitt, Victor Castroll a member of APPL Sanity Board had been monitoring the spreadsheet and the numbers are there telling the story. From another blogger, Andrew Erlichson that they had ordered 2 iPads at different times and the difference between two orders was of 10,000. Therefore if Apple is actually counting right, they have collected orders of 50,000 iPads in first 2 hours.

Honestly speaking, I would not be surprised if Apple comes out and says that it has managed to booked nearly a million iPads in pre-order phase, which has started today as knowing how crazy Apple fans are, it is very much possible.

Read More @ Mashable

Apple to Introduce Multi-Tasking In iPhone Soon?

According to Next Web, Apple is now on its way to introduce the only functionality which hampered its image and growth in the swarm of Android phone, that is, Multi-tasking. This new add-on to the existing and (maybe) coming up iPhone ver. 4.0 is expected when Apple announces the upgrade of OS to 4.0 in June 2010.

For now the addition of multi-tasking to iPad is also unknown, which is expected to make a grand commercial appearance this month.

Apple has been in the front row of critics firing squad for two main reasons since the launch of iPhone. One has been the exclusion of Flash and the other one is multi-tasking, which Microsoft has been mocking for quiet some time. The only reason Next Web has said is a very valid one and that is, with multi-tasking the already bad battery life of iPhone will even further deteriorate [battery recharging after a couple of hours will be a pain in the rear end].

Those who have had their phone Jail Broken has been able to use multi-tasking via third party apps so its like Google blocking out Flash too. Its there but you can’t have it in a legit manner.

Let’s wait and see when does this miracle happen.

Via: Next Web

Dell Mini5 Tablet Specs Leaked [Updated with More Pics]

One of the most speculated hardware from Dell has its specs leaked out in the wild and we have Engadget to thank for it.

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

Dell Mini5 Tablet

The Dell Mini5 tablet has a

  • 5 inch WVGA touch screen
  • 5 Megapixel camera with LED flash and auto focus
  • Capacitive front buttons
  • VGA front camera for video conferencing

The tablet can also be seen in vibrant colors and if this is what Dell has been planning to launch in the mass market then they will have me as a customer.

Let’s see what Dell has to say about it in coming weeks. It’s not April yet so being fooled now has slim chances [but you never know].

More details and pictures via: Android and Me
Source: Engadget

Sneak Peek At Motorola Cliq XT Pictures

A new addition to T-Mobile Android line up, due to launch this month, Motorola Cliq XT has had its photo shoot done by The Droid Sector. Packed with Qualcomm MSM7201A 528 MHz Processor with 512MB ROM, it also has a capacity to hold up to 32GB of SD Card memory. The phone also has 5MP camera with flash (which has started to become norm in all the smartphones being released this year). The Moto Cliq XT runs on Android OS 1.5 but is scheduled for an Adroid 2.1 upgrade after launch. T-Mobile will have a ball with this phone added up in its offering. Cliq XT comes with two variants, one with keyboard and the other without, smart move Motorola!

Here are the pictures of quiet an exquisite looking phone:
Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT

Motorola Cliq XT

More photos @ Source on The Droid Sector


The last time I did an article on 7 best apps for Nexus One, I did receive quiet a feedback for Nexus One users who wanted to have more. Therefore, now I have decided to continue the series of “7 Best Apps for Nexus One” every month where I will be telling you about the most useful apps, games and tools for your Nexus One.

Before I proceed, those of you who had missed, check out the first part into the “7 Best Apps for Nexus One” series.

Enomther’s ROM for Nexus One Released

Enmother has released a new “Official” ROM for Nexus One which hosts a major upgrade over all other ROMs. This new ROM features upgrades like managing your CPU, Customizing Storage and best of all 270 degrees storage. Other included apps in the ROM are:

  • GoogleApps
  • Modded SpareParts (use this to setup most features on TheOfficial)
  • Modded Launcher2 (with options)
  • CyTown`s Phone MOD (optional)
  • Wysie`s Browser MOD (FullScreen/Hidezoom Button options)
  • Wysie`s WyContacts (optional)
  • International character AOSP Keyboard (optional)
  • Android IM App (AIM, MSN, Yahoo support)
  • CorpCal (Exchange Calender support)
  • WifiTether for RootUsers
  • WiredTether for RootUsers (for usb tethering)
  • Development App from AOSP

The ROM also features addition of FLAC extension support and smoother auto brightness.

Enmother ROM Nexus One

Via: Android Spin
Download ROM

Google Launches Apps Marketplace for Businesses

Google has finally unveiled their Apps Marketplace for businesses where the apps developers will have access to over 2 million businesses already using Google Apps.

This new initiative is based on utilizing already popular cloud computing mechanism where businesses and developers will be able to update their Google Apps with third party add-ons and applications for better productivity and efficiency. The Google Marketplace features apps like managing company’s HR, Travel plans, Project Management and many more tools and apps for businesses to choose from.

Some of the features of Google Apps Marketplace are:

  • Intuit Online Payroll: A small business application that offers business owners a new way to efficiently run payroll, pay taxes and let employees check paystubs all within one integrated online office environment.
  • Manymoon: The company’s free work and project management application for Google Apps makes it simple for businesses and teams to organize and share information including tasks, projects, documents, status updates and links with co-workers, customers and partners.
  • Professional Services Connect (PS Connect): This new cloud-based offering coming soon from Appirio, pulls contextually relevant information on people, projects, customers and transactions from a user’s domain and surfaces it directly inside a Gmail message so services professionals can make more informed, real-time decisions.
  • JIRA Studio: A hosted software development suite from Atlassian enables software developers to flow naturally between Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs and other design and development tools in order to better track and manage project issues and workflow.

Source: Official Google Blog

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