Asus U35 and U45 notebooks offer great performance and portability

Syavash Pahore
Jun 19, 2010
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Asus has launched the U35 and U45 notebooks for the  “thin and light” notebook market. The notebooks offer great performance, portability and very long battery life thanks to numerous power saving features. The U35 and U45 notebooks are expected to ship this August and will retail for $900 and $1000 respectively.

U35 and U45 specifications:

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  • 13.1inch and 14.1 inch backlit displays
  • Powered by Intel Core i5 450M processor
  • Upto a maximum of  11.5hours battery life
  • Integrated onboard GPU as well as Nvidia GM310M GPU

Both notebooks are lightweight and come with Asus Super Hybird Engine (SHE) and Nvidia Optimus that enhance battery life by using power effeciently. SHE decreases and increases clock speeds depening on the current tasks being performed whereas Nvidia Optimus switches between the onboard and dedicated graphics to ensure the batteries are used as efficiently as possible. They also  have built-in Altec lansing speakers that provide very good sound for a notebook.

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