Assassins Creed Revelations E3 teaser looks AWESOME

Rizwan Anwer
May 26, 2011
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Assassins Creed Revelations is the sequel to the November 2010 game Assassins Creed: Brotherhood this game will take us out of the Vatican and bring us to the land of Constantinople! While the game is still very uncertain you can rest assured that Ubisoft will definitely deliver on their promise of this being as awesome as Brotherhood

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You can expect a improved trailer on June 6th.

Brotherhood was a great hit, not only was the story great (though shorter than 2) the game added good replay value with the multiplayer of it. I am in high hopes that this year will be a kick ass year for games and I hope Ubisoft releases this game in November (possibly along side Modern Warfare 3) to make November a spectacular month of gaming!.

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With awesome games like Infamous 2, Portal 2, Dead Space 2, Battlefield 3 and Assassins Creed: Revelations among the few games to be expected this year this is definitely one of the best years of gaming. Let’s hope 2012 is just as good.

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