ASRock Displays Two New FM2 Socket Motherboards

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AMD’s Trinity based desktop APU’s are supposedly near its launch and along with Gigabyte, ASRock has also showcased their FM2 based motherboards.

Powered by AMD’s A75 FCH chipset are the FM2A75 Pro4-M and the FM2A75M-DGS with SATA 6 Gb/s ports. The new boards sport 6 phase VRM’s with a heatsink on top to cool the MOSFETs off. The CPU takes power from an 8 Pin connector with an all around solid state capacitor design.

The APU is wired to four DDR3 memory lanes with a total support of 32 GB on dual channel and speeds of in excess of 2400 MHz through overclocking.

Both boards feature USB 3.0 ports with DVI, HDMI and D-Sub connectors for display output. However in terms of sound it might sound flimsy to many of the fact these boards come with 6 channel HD audio instead of 7.1 or 8.

Both motherboards feature PCIe 16x lanes and driven by a UEFI BIOS via the system browser.

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