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The Wondershare Video Editor is easy and user-friendly editing software that allows everyone or even beginners to edit their videos. It is compatible with all types of videos captured by different brands or makes of digital camera, camcorders, mobile devices and much more. It also supports all the major file types including the HD format.


You could even directly record through your computer’s webcam and then edit the video straightaway. Apart from the basic or standard editing functions (i.e. split, crop and rotate), you’ll find other special tools for your editing needs such as Mosaic Blur and Jump Cut. Combined with over 300 plus FREE dynamic audio, visual and text effects; you are rest-assured to enjoy the editing process whilst being able to produce an edited video with high quality.

Every once in a while, after returning from a vacation, you’ll probably have lots of photos or videos taken. You might want to either create a story of your own out of the trip or to simply share these memorable moments with your family and friends. With this software you can quickly, easily and creatively combine or stitch your videos, photos, texts and music together without any professional’s help.


If you need to edit for work or academic purposes; the Wondershare Video Editor will be of great help too. Well, at least video editing is no longer considered to be a difficult or complicated task that’s meant for editing experts or professionals.

Key Features

Simple yet stylish interface

The Video Editor provides a beautifully organized workspace that allows for video, text and audio layering. Instead of having to upload your media files from the containing folders, you can now instantly upload them by the drag-and-drop feature. The Smart Scene Detection will also intelligently split your videos into manageable segments.

Personalization with the extras and unique editing tools

  • Filtering effects: Over 70 creative and classic visual filters can be directly dragged onto the timeline for application.
  • Dynamic transitions: A wide selection of energetic and colourful transitions such as vertical shutter, grid zoom, skew right split and much more.
  • Impressive intro or credits: Convenience to highlight the recipients of your video or a brief intro to the video as well as to insert notes of appreciation or credits.
  • Special video effects: Set the right mood or effect with beautiful visual effects that’s available from Face off to Tilt Shift, Picture-in-picture and Jump Cut; this video editor has more selection to offer.

Convert and share it

  • Support different output formats: You can choose to convert your videos into over a dozen of different formats with just one click and still have the original quality intact.
  • Transfer onto portable devices: Easily transfer and save your videos onto iPhones (5, 4 and 3), iPod, iPad, Samsung and HTC mobiles, PSP as well as other supported device so you can watch your movie anytime, anywhere.
  • Online upload: Upload your videos onto YouTube and Facebook with no hassle.
  • Burn it onto a DVD: Create a personalized and special gift by turning your videos into a keepsake on a DVD.


Video editing demands an interactive and intuitive workspace. Hence, being able to scroll in to stretch or shrink each file; overlap video, audio or text; and to time everything right is very important. With the Wondershare Video Editor, you will have absolute control over your videos.