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Where’s the Fun in an Old PC?

Naveed Siraj

Does your old PC put you to sleep before it wakes up?

Are you spending more time waiting for downloads than you are watching TV shows and movies? Is your old PC taking all the fun out of your favorite online activities simply because it can’t keep up with you? Then it’s time to trade your frustration for a new computer. With the latest Intel devices, affordability and performance are equally important, so a new level of fun is just a plug-and-play step away.

A new level of fun

When was the last time you wished streaming a TV show took longer, or a gaming avatar took more time to respond to a command? Let’s get real. The new Intel-powered PCs are built with the latest entertainment, social networking, and online game demands in mind. The result? You spend more time doing the things you like and less time waiting for them to happen.

All’s clear for your enjoyment

Are your creative ideas out of focus because your old PC is a drag? With an Intel-powered PC, you’ll see the difference between work and fun. Everything from enhanced visual graphics to touchscreen technology runs more smoothly and precisely with a low voltage, high performance computer. Find out what happens to your creativity when the power of Intel is at your fingertips.


Quick. Connected. Constant.

There’s a widening gap between those who are up-to-date and those who aren’t. And in today’s world of social networking, emailing, and downloading the latest apps, even a few minutes offline can mean the difference between knowing what’s in and what’s out. With Intel Rapid Start Technology and Intel Smart Connect Technology at your service, your computer can wake from standby in less than seven seconds and you can be constantly updated on all your emails and social networks. How’s that for fun?

Note – This article was originally written by Naveed Siraj (Country Manager For Intel Pakistan)