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Apple’s App Store has helped create a software market, where none existed, or at least nothing of note. As fate would have it, with the release of the iPhone a new wave of app craze hit the fan. The business is now responsible for generating US$ 5.1 million per day for top 200 grossing apps in the App Store. Which is incredible, considering that prior to 2007, no one had taken the smartphone software market seriously. Download after download has generated an increase in demand for newer, better apps; welcome to the new world of app competition. In this cut-throat market, only the best and smartest offerings can stand the test of time.

Givit – iOS Video Editor

In the world of app competitors there are those out to design the next “it” video app, amongst them lies the creators behind Givit. Created by the same team that developed the VMIX Online Video Platform, a leader in mobile and social video platforms, Givit claims to be the newest and easiest way to create personal video highlight reels on user iPhones. Although they have stiff competition, Givit is actually standing up to the demands with a solid and user friendly platform. 

Givit not only allows it users the experience of creating and editing their video as they go, but they have unique sharing system that allows the user to share as privately or publicly as THEY see fit. Whether you are a videographer enthusiast or a parent of an athlete, Givit is perfect for everyone. Unlike recording raw, generic videos from your mobile device, Givit has cool effects and an edit as you go feature that gets everyone excited. 


Besides all of the cool features on this up and coming app, Givit is also free! That’s right, free! No fine print, just click, record and share! Two thumbs up for this superb video app.