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There was a time not so long ago when desktop PCs ruled the computer world. Nowadays, with the advent of high-spec laptops, iPads, Android tablets, even mobile phones that give some computers a run for their money, is there a place for desktop PCs?

There certainly is. Just ask any hardcore gamer, they will tell you there’s no substitute, and they know their computers intimately. Imagine this scenario if you will: Two Windows users each purchase that long-awaited game on the same day. One owns a laptop, the other a desktop PC. They rush home and pop in the disk, only to discover that “You have insufficient RAM to continue the installation”. The laptop user weeps uncontrollably as he rummages around for the receipt. He knows that he won’t be playing this game anytime soon. The desktop user, however, simply nods sagely, utters a light curse and heads on over to PC. Sure, he’ll be spending a little extra cash, and he’ll be waiting a day or two for that RAM stick, but he’ll be playing the game on his improved and upgraded PC by the end of the week.

The advantages of buying a new desktop PC are, of course, upgradeability and customisation. The ability to swap out one standard sized component for another is – in the eyes of many – priceless. Want to find out what this Blu-Ray is all about? Can’t connect your iPhone because all your USB ports are in use? Graphics card not up to the job? These things and many more are achievable with a desktop PC, but very rarely with laptops, tablets etc.


If you’re looking for a pre-built system, you’ll already be considering what you want from the computer. Can it burn DVDs, does it have WiFi, can it run a particular game and so on. These days, the answers to these questions are nearly always yes – we are living in a golden era technologically speaking, and even cheap systems are highly capable. It does no harm to check though, read reviews – particularly customer reviews – and research the various components listed. Pay special attention to the motherboard as this is the essential component to future upgrading, and many pre-built systems tend to sneak in outdated – even obsolete – motherboards.

They may be big and noisy, but you can always make room for a desktop PC!