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Nvidia GeForce Four Years Later: How Far Has The Mainstream Come? – GTX 1060 & GTX 660 Ti Benchmarked

All too often when looking at graphics cards we simply want to compare and contrast. We want to see a victory and defeat. But I wanted to take some time this weekend to start looking at just how far have we come in the mainstream. I know looking at how much faster the new top […]

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Radeon RX 480 Reducing Voltage and Increasing Efficiency

On June 29th 2016 AMD officially launched the Radeon RX 480 and many people, including myself, snagged up one for themselves before they were sold out. After seeing what Nvidia’s Pascal architecture was able to achieve in term of power draw and overclocking I was eager to see what was capable with AMD’s smaller 14nm […]

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RX 480 and GTX 1080 Ashes of the Singularity Details

The other night AMD unveiled their new Radeon RX 480 to the world during a livestream from Computex 2016.  Showing off the appearance of the card and revealing its new feature set, such as 14nm FinFet technology, a lower power draw and being able to pump out over 5 TFLOPS of compute performance.  Along with […]

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Our Original WCCFTechTV YouTube Channel

All of our readers are familiar with our news, information, and review articles, but did you know we have a whole world of original and often exclusive content on our YouTube channel? We offer content ranging from breaking news to in depth reviews on games and hardware.  I wanted to take a moment and introduce […]

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Corsair releases the M65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair unveiled the M65 PRO RGB yesterday to the market.  Bringing with it Corsair’s highest DPI optical sensor featuring an eye watering 12,000 DPI.  Along with the new sensor comes the ability to adjust surface calibration to take better advantage of the new higher DPI. Corsair is definitely aiming this release at the competitive gamer […]

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AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB XFX DD Overview And Performance Benchmarks

Introduction In an effort to expand our hardware library to bring better coverage of gaming performance XFX has offered to help replace our old R9 285 2gb GPU with their R9 380 with 4gb.  So going forward we’ll be using this along with a, soon to be acquired GTX 960 to help expand our coverage […]

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DirectX 12 Explicit Multi-GPU Tested In Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity DX12 Updates   Stardock released Beta 2 of its upcoming RTS title Ashes of the Singularity today.  This update brings something that many pc gamers have been curious about and anxious to try for themselves, Explicit Multi Adapter Support and full Asynchronous Compute. “With this update, players can improve game performance […]

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The Top 10 Games with the Best Graphics Coming Out in 2016

Before we begin, let me clear the ruling criteria. All of the top 10 games chosen have not been released yet. All of them have a tentative release date of 2016 (since some of these titles have been delayed in the past, it is worth noting that they can be delayed further). Beauty is in […]

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A Perspective on the Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Preview – Cars, Trains and… Spaceships?

Contributed by Adrian Ip. Adrian has gamed on everything from an Apple IIe to a 5960X, Titan X rig with pit stops at various Commodore machines and other consoles. He has a long term love affair with most sci-fi/space genre games, particularly including space combat sims. Current backer/player of both Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. […]

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The Most Valuable Commodity in the Gaming Industry That All Gamers Deserve; Communication

Communication is a valuable commodity within the video game industry, something that’s highly appreciated by the community itself. Being able to hear about the general status of the development of a game is certainly excited news and can help to alleviate pre-release fears if the various avenues are used correctly. We like to hear directly […]

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Could Jerky Be One of the Most Scrumptious Source of Protein Ever? Is it Really That Unhealthy?

Jerky, quite possibility one of the most delicious foods on this planet. Certainly up there with bacon in its tastiness, nutrition and mouth pleasure factors. And because of it’s supposed nutrition, it could also provide gamers with a fantastic way to refuel quickly and inexpensively. Dried meat, and Jerky specifically, could be one of the best […]

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Procedural Generation As The Future

Something that might appear to simply be just a buzzword is actually making quite the comeback recently. Procedural generation; the mathematical random generation of content based on defined parameters. It’s been thrown around quite a bit lately. Why is it making a comeback, and why is it such an important concept for today’s video games? […]

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[Benchmarked] Can The Witcher 3 Be Played Well On The Alienware Alpha?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has the potential to look absolutely phenomenal on the most high/end of hardware. REDengine 3 is a very advanced graphics engine indeed, with a plethora of options to suit your performance needs. We’re also quite aware, as are you, that it has the ability to scale quite well. The PS4 […]

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Here’s Why We Need A Modern He-Man Game

He-Man is likely one of the most iconic action heroes of our time. Not just historically, but even currently. The most powerful man in the universe has survived extinction since 1976, appealing to the imagination of multiple generations by being both generic and providing a true sense of wonder. That’s why He-Man, and of course […]

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Coffee, A Gamers Best Friend

Adapted and republished from my own defunct gaming fitness site. Coffee is certainly a prized possession among many different demographics. In fact, the coffee bean is one of the largest agricultural exports of the world, being part of a very large industry that’s enjoyed the world over. Coffee also has a reputation that sits along […]

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E3 2015: Shroud of the Avatar is Looking Quite Spectacular So Far

Shroud of the Avatar is a very ambitious project, seeking to break through the previously created molds to achieve something truly unique within MMO’s. Richard Garriott and Ultima veteran Starr Long were on hand to show off all the great new things he’s trying to accomplish and what’s been done so far. Lord British is […]

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Did Hype Kill The Witcher 3? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Sometimes, and it seems it becomes more often than not at some times, the hype generated before a game is released, whether that’s fan or publisher generated, can absolutely ruin a game. The mystique is shattered and every facet of the game is analyzed and scrutinized to the point of absurdity. The Grand Finale of […]

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How Lifeless is Lifeless Planet on the Xbox One?

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to pave new a new way for humanity and explore the final frontier in the hopes of finding a habitable planet? Would you so graciously volunteer yourself and expose yourself to all the potential dangers that are associated with it? That’s a difficult decision to […]

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Why is theHunter: Primal so Hard and Intimidating?

Why? Because it’s not for the weak or the unwilling. You’ll be engaged in different ways, and yes, it’s exceedingly difficult, but exceedingly fun as well. This game is absolutely mind-blowing. It defies expectations but presents a level of difficulty that can be frustrating and yet very rewarding. theHunter: Primal is not your typical survival […]

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Can the Alienware Alpha Even Play Star Citizen?

As part of an ever growing series on the Alienware Alpha, I’ll be conducting tests on various games, demanding and not, to see just how it holds up in the games that we love and hold dear. The idea is to give a good impression of the capabilities of the Steam Machine concept in general […]

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Sentimental Sunday: Massively Mass Effect

Sentimental Sunday is where we get together, reminisce and discuss those games from our past that have a special place in our hearts. That can be because they were overwhelmingly bad and shocked us with how horrible they were compared to expectations or due to how they captured our imagination and kept us entertained for […]

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Star Wars The Old Republic Review, After So Many Years

I think that a lot of Star Wars fans that are gamers probably do indeed want a game that truly captures the essence of what Star Wars really is. There are many that have tried, and succeeded, but there are none that let you make your own way in a dangerous and daunting galaxy. Anymore […]