EditorialHardware 2 months ago

Radeon RX 480 Reducing Voltage and Increasing Efficiency

On June 29th 2016 AMD officially launched the Radeon RX 480 and many people, including myself, snagged up one for themse…
EditorialHardware 3 months ago

RX 480 and GTX 1080 Ashes of the Singularity Details

The other night AMD unveiled their new Radeon RX 480 to the world during a livestream from Computex 2016.  Showing off …

Our Original WCCFTechTV YouTube Channel

All of our readers are familiar with our news, information, and review articles, but did you know we have a whole world …

Corsair releases the M65 PRO RGB Gaming Mouse

Corsair unveiled the M65 PRO RGB yesterday to the market.  Bringing with it Corsair’s highest DPI optical sensor feat…
EditorialHardware 5 months ago

AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB XFX DD Overview And Performance Benchmarks

Introduction In an effort to expand our hardware library to bring better coverage of gaming performance XFX has offered …
EMA1 AMD DIrectX 12

DirectX 12 Explicit Multi-GPU Tested In Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity DX12 Updates   Stardock released Beta 2 of its upcoming RTS title Ashes of the Singularity…
top 10 logo
EditorialGaming 7 months ago

The Top 10 Games with the Best Graphics Coming Out in 2016

Before we begin, let me clear the ruling criteria. All of the top 10 games chosen have not been released yet. All of the…
Elite: Dangerous
EditorialGaming 11 months ago

A Perspective on the Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Preview – Cars, Trains and… S…

Contributed by Adrian Ip. Adrian has gamed on everything from an Apple IIe to a 5960X, Titan X rig with pit stops at var…
EditorialGaming 12 months ago

The Most Valuable Commodity in the Gaming Industry That All Gamers Deserve; Communicatio…

Communication is a valuable commodity within the video game industry, something that’s highly appreciated by the commu…
Jerky XP
EditorialOp-Ed 1 year ago

Could Jerky Be One of the Most Scrumptious Source of Protein Ever? Is it Really That Unh…

Jerky, quite possibility one of the most delicious foods on this planet. Certainly up there with bacon in its tastiness,…
Procedural Generation

Procedural Generation As The Future

Something that might appear to simply be just a buzzword is actually making quite the comeback recently. Procedural gene…
Alienware Alpha
EditorialAnalysis 1 year ago

[Benchmarked] Can The Witcher 3 Be Played Well On The Alienware Alpha?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has the potential to look absolutely phenomenal on the most high/end of hardware. REDengine 3 i…
EditorialGaming 1 year ago

Here’s Why We Need A Modern He-Man Game

He-Man is likely one of the most iconic action heroes of our time. Not just historically, but even currently. The most p…
EditorialAnalysis 1 year ago

Coffee, A Gamers Best Friend

Adapted and republished from my own defunct gaming fitness site. Coffee is certainly a prized possession among many diff…
Shroud of the Avatar

E3 2015: Shroud of the Avatar is Looking Quite Spectacular So Far

Shroud of the Avatar is a very ambitious project, seeking to break through the previously created molds to achieve somet…
The Witcher 3
EditorialGaming 1 year ago

Did Hype Kill The Witcher 3? The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review

Sometimes, and it seems it becomes more often than not at some times, the hype generated before a game is released, whet…
Lifeless Planet
EditorialGaming 1 year ago

How Lifeless is Lifeless Planet on the Xbox One?

What would you do if you were given the opportunity to pave new a new way for humanity and explore the final frontier in…
thehuner: Primal
EditorialGaming 1 year ago

Why is theHunter: Primal so Hard and Intimidating?

Why? Because it’s not for the weak or the unwilling. You’ll be engaged in different ways, and yes, it’…



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