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Doom, Gloom and All That Fun Stuff Awaits in Metro 2033: Redux

Who doesn’t love a bit of post-apocalyptic struggle? We at WCCFtech sure do, so the idea of returning to the dead city of Moscow in 4A’s fantastic Metro 2033, well, it’s a welcome thought to say the least. An improved and extended version of 2010′s cult classic, 4A put a lot of effort into this re-release, and it shows.Metro 2033: Last Light

Metro 2033 has been ported over to the latest version of their in-house 4A engine, bringing over the advanced lighting and optimizations found in Last Light. Not to mention the reworking of certain levels, character models and even implementing the vastly superior stealth mechanics featured in its sequel, Last Light.

While Deep Silver – 4A’s publishing house, also released Last Light under the Redux name, the improvements are only minor by comparison, thus us awarding game of the month to 2033 alone, instead of giving it to the bundle itself.


[Editorial] Today we’re going to bring you on a journey that will get you one step closer to seeing the world in the eyes of AMD and Intel and reflect on how different yet quite similar those images truly are. To understand the philosophies of both companies we have to also understand the architectures inside the products they make and get to know the reasons behind the decisions made in designing those architectures intimately.

Intel and AMD Microarchitectures – Exploring the Past, Present and the Future (Part I)

Lets start from the beginning, in 2006 AMD made the decision to buy ATi with the vision to fuse GPU cores and CPU cores into a single piece of silicone called the Accelerated Processing Unit or APU for short. AMD called this effort “Fusion” and it was the company’s main advent from buying ATi. In 2010 Intel released the first processor to feature integrated graphics but just like the company’s first effort to make a dual or a quad core processor the resulting product was a multi-chip module or an MCM for short. Intel called this design Clarkdale & it was not a fully integrated monolithic solution. The graphics portion had its own separate die and it was connected to the main CPU die using an interposer.


Mobile, technology, apps, social sharing, networking, emails, games, WhatsApp, now take up a major part of our digital lives. We have, over time, become so engrossed with technology, that we can hardly repel it now. The kids have done the same; they are even more glued to their smartphones. As things stand, Android OS enjoys a majority share of the smart phone market. According to BI intelligence, in terms of market share, Android has the lion’s share of the pie vs every other smartphone operating system. With so many people using Android phones every day, it is only natural to consider that many more people are now susceptible to losing them, than before. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a list of Android apps which can help you locate, lock and remotely wipe your Android handsets, should you ever lose it.


[Editorial] Skynet has been a very prevalent icon in tech-culture for the past decade. The fear of Machines rising against humanity and robotic overlords are all frequently visited territories. Interestingly, one would expect that the expected result of all the Technophobic media might have been to deter us away from A.I. work; but the actual effect seems to be the opposite. Scientists have become more or less obsessed with achieving a thinking, rationalizing, and sentient Intelligence; simulated or otherwise. Skynet of legend, I remember, was a Neural-Net based Artificial Intelligence. It worked on the concept of “Machine Learning”. It so happens that Nvidia showcased what appears to be the first fully Scalable Deep Neural Network based (Primitive) Intelligence System. A System that can deploy “Machine Learning” and actually learn just like a human.

SKYNET Powered by NvidiaDisclaimer: I am about 90% sure that I am joking about Skynet.

Deep Neural Network Intelligence demonstrates Unsupervised Machine Learning at Nvidia’s GTC

I think a basic introduction on how Neural Nets work and function is in order. Of course the actual way a neural net works is low level code, so I can only provide a very simplified explanation. Neural Networks were thought of first as a way to perfectly simulate the Human and Animal nervous system where a neuron fires for any object ‘recognized’. The reasoning went so that if we could replicate the trigger process with virtual ‘neurons’ we should be able to achieve ‘true’ machine learning and eventually even Artificial Intelligence. Now thing is, Nvidia isn’t exactly the first company to achieve a working Deep Neural Network (with collaboration from Stanford University). The first DNN was created by Google. Thats right, the one company that is powerful and ambitious enough to pioneer something like true A.I. capabilities.

mwc 2014 logo

Mobile World Congress 2014 Barcelona

Th Mobile World Congress happens to be one of the biggest events of note in the tech sector. As the name suggests it consists of everything and anything to do with mobile. Notably the launch of major smartphones and tablets occurs here. Ofcouse the major players are now drifting towards a more independent launch style for flagship products, the Apple Event being a prime example, but none the less the MWC 2014 will be the area to be for Mobile headlines and enthusiasts alike. MWC 2014 will take place in Barcelona and will begin on the 24th of this month on Monday. I.e. 2 days from the point of writing this article. An important thing to note this year is the Keynote address of Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg. Now lets take a look at what to expect from the Mobile World Congress 2014.

top 10 logo

top 10 best graphics games 2014 page title

[Editorial] Before we begin, let me clear the ruling criteria. All the games chosen have not been released yet. All of them have a tentative release date of 2014. It also goes without saying that only the media that has been released so far could be considered. I will look not only at the graphical quality of a game, but also at the scale. I.e. Impressive Graphical Quality but not enough Scale =/= win, likewise with Massive Scale but not enough Graphical Quality. To judge the graphical quality, we have taken into account the art style, environment detail, post processing, atmospheric effects, asset detail, character detail and also eye candy. All the screenshots and images have been (down) scaled to 1920×1080 for comparison purposes. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.  Finally , that beauty is relative, as is this editorial, so  just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Article Written By Naveed Siraj, Country Manager for Intel Pakistan.


Like any new device, a computer will always start shiny and smooth. However, as it ages, the daily wear and tear will impair performance. We’re here to help you reduce the issues you experience and ensure you get the most out of your mobile device. 



Begin with the basics. A laptop bag or cover will protect your laptop from most drops and knocks when you’re on the move. You can also add on a hard plastic cover to protect it during use but these tend to make your device considerably thicker. 

Doom logo
Image courtesy ModDB Brutal Doom page

Image courtesy ModDB Brutal Doom page.

History of Doom – The FPS That Started It All

Briefly after the stroke of midnight on December 10th, 1993, id Software’s Jay Wilbur uploaded Doom to the University of Wisconsin’s FTP server. Since id Software likely didn’t have the technical means to distribute the Doom shareware package themselves, they had to rely on the state-of-the-art network infrastructure that the University of Wisconsin (so generously) had to offer. To the dismay of id Software and the university administration, the sheer number of users trying to access the game took their network offline.

The world (at this time) had almost never seen such a high demand for digital content before, let alone a game. Had you told id Software at the time that their game (or even some variant of it) would still be living on amongst other brand-new titles in the year 2013, they would have laughed in your face. Even with the high critical acclaim at the time, nobody could have predicted that. Not even Doom’s biggest die-hard fanatics.

fbs logo

We are continuously thinking of wonky ideas to keep our readers entertained and this is our newest effort. We are starting a new series: Flashback Review Series. This time instead of recommending or reviewing modern games, we will review and recommend games out of the (mostly) forgotten past. Not only that, we will also provide you with the information needed to start playing the game yourself in a few minutes.

wccftech flashback review

Flashback Review Series Ep 1: Top 5 Retro RTS Games You Should Play These Hols – Part 1

Our aim for the first few episodes is simple. We will take 5 games from the past and mini-review them.  We will also provide you with links to buy games so you can play them (if you so desire) these holidays. Our selection criteria will be to make them as non-mainstream as possible, so your immersion and interest in maximized. This means that we have black listed certain too common retro games such as Starcraft and Warcraft at our discretion.  Without further ado our first entry:


Many people must be wishing that the devil could cast his net on a small part of Las Vegas during the first week in August. The location is the Rio Hotel and Casino and the occasion is Def Con, otherwise known as the Black Hat Hackers Conference.
Believe it or not, DEF CON is not the only official hackers’ conference held in the US; it just happens to be the biggest. You might wonder how these criminals manage to get away with it. Typically around 8,000 to 10,000 people attend this three day event, though not all of them are hackers, some of them are federal agents, but no surprise there. However officially entrance is by invitation only and the fee for the three days is $180.

What is Nas? What is San? – Newbie Friendly Guide

what is nas

What is NAS (Network Attached Storage) and what is SAN (Storage Area Networks) is perhaps one of the most common tech questions asked on the internet. So much intact that we decided to make a guide about it, covering the basic F.A.Qs about SAN and NAS along with buyers hints.

What is NAS (Network Attached Storage)

F.A.Q 1: What is Nas?
Ans. Simply put Nas is a glorified server cum dedicated hard disk given its own IP address in a network.

The NAS or Network Attached Storage are basically servers with decent storage capabilities on their barest form. They come in compact looking box-shaped design, have their own Microprocessor and even Ram. They require no Monitor or keyboard or mouse, heck they even come packaged with their own embedded Operating Systems (Most NAS devices can run Windows Server and other Server OS too). They are mostly configured over the browser and given their own IP.

Since they have their own processing capabilities, during transfer of data over the network applications do not have to compete for processor resources and thus are executed more efficiently.

GPU Architecture

Radeon and Nvidia GPU Architecture Guide

[Caution: Outdated] Choosing a GPU can be a difficult decision for some people. Most of the guides on the internet cater to the needs of the Gamers only and even those are few. This guide will attempt to offer a complete and comprehensive guide to GPU Architecture, making it easier for you to choose the perfect GPU for your needs.

The Average Processing Functions

AMD Radeon cards are known for their value and cost effectiveness but a lesser known fact is their Compute powers. Gaming wise they will offer great performance at affordable price, their major drawback is the lack of CUDA and Native 3D Support. However where the AMD Radeon GPU Architecture absolutely destroys Nvidia GPU Architecture is in Specific Direct Compute tasks. More specifically ASIC tasks also known as Bitcoin Mining. (This is mostly Single Precision Work)

Bitcoin mining is the laymen’s term for heavy processing that involves MD5 Hash processing and block solving algorithms. If you are on the market for any suck task, Radeon is the choice for you, that is if you are going with mainstream GPUs.

GPU overclocking logo

GPU Overclocking Utilities Revisited – Part II

GPU Overclocking utilities have made GPU overclocking a piece of cake with the passage of time . In case you have not transcended the ‘geek’ world, overclocking, in layman’s term is running your hardware at greater speeds than it was designed too, although it greatly increases performance, but as a side-effect, also decreases your GPU’s life span. In the past GPU overclocking was extremely hard, mods were needed for the tiniest overclocks. Technology changed, and manufacturers started equipping better coolers, voltage regulator’s and what not, to allow your average user to overclock easily. It was made even easier with various utilities that allow real-time overclocking, which not only was safer, but easier as well. The utilities are come in handy, allowing one to set fan speed, core GPU clock’s, shader clock and various such meters to monitor the GPU.

With the passage of time, we have seen many updates regarding GPU overclocking. We have seen some great custom solution, liquid coolers and some manufacturer’s even putting in entire phase change cooling on a single GPU as of recently. At the same time, we have seen NVIDIA limiting their cards to reference design as a part of their Greenlight program by removing overclocking features or limiting voltage control to their flagship graphic parts. This stirred up alot of heat in the GPU industry but with time many consumers settled with the new program. The Greenlight program is the reason due to which we haven’t seen any GeForce GTX Titan, GeForce GTX 690 GPU in non-reference or custom variants. NVIDIA also limited manufacturer’s to offer their own custom dual chip offering which ended up the ASUS MARS III GPU getting cancelled as a showcase product only and the plans to another card under the ASUS MARS brand with dual GK110 cores getting washed out. AMD on the other hand still allows manufacturer’s to release any cards as they wish which was the reason we saw TUL made HD 7990′s before the launch of the official reference variant codenamed “Malta” in 2013.

GPU Overclocking Utilites

Nokia, All Charged Up For The Future - Alessandro Lamanna


On a sunny afternoon, a few weeks ago, we managed to bag a chance a have tête-à-tête with Alessandro Lamanna – Vice President Marketing IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa) at the launch of Nokia Lumia 920 in Pakistan.

It has been some time since Nokia had sent one of their big guns to Pakistan, in order to make a pitch for Nokia’s newest offering on the Windows Phone scene. And we did not want to let that chance go. So here is our interview with Mr. Alessandro, arguably one of the most well versed guys on Nokia’s technological prowess, whom we have come across in quite some time.

Best-Reviewed Mobile Apps in Early 2013

You’ve recently fired up that new smart phone you received over the holidays and now you face a
daunting challenge: choosing which apps to download from an overwhelming marketplace. If you’ve
started downloading apps but aren’t satisfied with what you’ve found thus far, don’t enter a Google
search for “sell iPhone” just yet. You can still discover the best and newest apps below:

Beautiful Widgets

If you’re sick of your Android smart phone looking a little dreary, download Beautiful Widgets. It allows
you to customize your home screen to an almost artistic level, providing you with ways to spice up the
usual clock-and-icon combination so many of us are used to. Use this App if you want the experience of
using a smart phone to feel novel again.

Google Music

Google’s been making major efforts to up its music game lately, and nowhere is that more evident than
in the Google Music App, a program that allows you to stream music you’ve uploaded. It’s a great way to
take music with you without much of the hassle of plugging in an endless amount of wires.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

A particular favorite among iPhone users, this alarm clock doesn’t allow the usual routine of setting an
alarm and throwing a pillow at the wall once it wakes you up with a few annoying chimes. Instead, the
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock keys in on your sleeping patterns to wake you up at the most ideal time, making
your mornings a little more pleasant every day.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Of course, not all Apps are about functionality over entertainment. Some apps find a way of merging
both beautifully. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, the block-manipulating creative game, then you’ve got to
have Minecraft in your pocket at all times. At least, you’ll feel that way once you download this app.

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