Arctic Launches Accelero Hybrid Cooling Solution For Graphics Cards

Sabeeh Qureshi
May 3, 2012
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Earlier we had revealed of Arctic, a well known manufacturer of air and water cooling products had come up with a hybrid cooling solution that consisted of both a liquid and air cooling solution. And today, Arctic have officially launched their hybrid cooling solution for graphics cards better known as the Accelero Hybrid.

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This kind of cooling solution, as described by Arctic being an all in one cooling solution gives out 200% cooling performance and runs 9 times more quieter than the stock cooler (referring to the GTX 680).

The product comes complete with blocks, fans, tubing and a radiator. The water cooling setup takes care of the graphics processor while the fan cools down other heat generating components such as the VRM and memory chips.

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The cooler is compatible with a large range of AMD and Nvidia graphics cards with availability slated for 29th May. Prices have yet to be unveiled.

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