Apple Slashes Type-C USB Dongle Prices Thanks to Complaints Regarding MacBook Pro

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Nov 4, 2016

All 2016 MacBook Pro models come with a myriad number of changes, ranging from a crispier display to better hardware, larger trackpad and so much more. Another visible change is the Thunderbolt 3 ports, which might deliver an ‘all-in-one’ solution, but you’ll have to purchase additional accessories for that. In light of the criticism being shed on the MacBook Pro’s failure to provide flexibility in terms of the removal of ports, as well removing the SD card slot, Apple has decided to make things much simpler for those who are going to purchase accessories down the line.

Here Are the New Pricing Details for the Accessories Listed on Apple’s Website

Here are the revised prices that you will have to pay if you do intend to purchase accessories down the road. Keep in mind that Apple has stated that the prices will remain for a limited time period, and getting a discount from the tech giant is a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity, so avail it while you can.

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  • USB-C to traditional USB adapter price reduced from $19 to $9
  • Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter price reduced from $49 to $29
  • USB-C to Lightning cable (1 meter) price reduced from $25 to $19
  • USB-C to Lightning cable (2 meters) price reduced from $35 to $29
  • Multiport adapter with HDMI, USB, and USB-C price reduced from $69 to $49
  • Multiport adapter with VGA, USB, and USB-C price reduced from $69 to $49

Type-C USB charging cables are not going to be discounted. In addition, Apple is also cutting prices by around 25 percent on all third-party Type-C USB accessories. In case you were wondering, the discounted adapters will be available at Apple’s physical and online stores through the end of the year but if you still have high hopes that you’ll receive additional accessories with the MacBook Pro’s packaging, you can cut that from the list.

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Do you feel like Apple has done the right move in slashing the price of these accessories? Tell us your thoughts in the comments right away.