Apple offering free iPad engraving for a limited time.

Rizwan Anwer
Oct 27, 2010
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For a limited time Apple is offering all iPad 3G / Wi Fi Owners a chance to get absolutely FREE laser engravings on their iPad’s. The offer is limited for only the holiday season so get those iPads to your local Apple Store quickly and get your laser engraving done. Choose your words carefully as these will remain seared into your iPad permanently.

Although engraving your iPad WILL decrease the resale value it’s worth it if you plan on holding on to your iPad for a very long time and plan to pass it on to your children one (That is if Apple hasn’t made the iPad 3G / WiFi the new iPhone 2G by then). This is an especially useful idea if you are planning on gifting the iPad to a friend / family member and want to add a more personal touch to your gift, kudos to Apple for offering such a FANTASTIC after sale service.

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