Apple TV announced, no iOS support.

Syavash Pahore
Sep 2, 2010
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At the recent Apple Media Event, the previously rumored Apple iTV has also been unveiled. Contrary to earlier speculation the device will not have iOS support  and is still known as the Apple TV and not the iTV even though there are several other changes to the device.

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The device is now much smaller than the previous Apple TV. There is no storage option for media, instead Apple has opted for cloud services to stream media from,  including Apple’s own iTunes as well as MobileME and Youtube among other options.

The device has a black matte finish, an HDMI output and optical audio as well as Wifi.

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The Apple TV is available for pre-order and will be launched in 4 weeks time with a $99 price tag. Although the device has got numerous interesting changes, it’s not a major improvement as far as hardware is concerned, however the price may just make up for it.


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