Android 2.1 OTA Leaked

Omer Saleem
Feb 19, 2010
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It just came into our knowledge that the much awaited Android upgrade to HTC Droid Eris has been leaked (No Motorola Droid for now) in the wild. Although there has not been any bugs reported yet but we would still recommend to wait for the official release (like you would stop…). There has not been any news of the upgrade to Motorola Droid or other previous Android version devices.

This release is right now dubbed as the final release for now but inclusion of Flash support is not known at the moment.

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Here is link to download the leaked version of Android 2.1 OTA

DOWNLOAD Android 2.1 OTA

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Thanks Programmer Fish & Android Over Drive

Update: Looking at the build file, this could very well be used on Motorola Droid (Verizon), as a matter of fact, it could be of Moto Droid.

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