AMD Radeon HD7770 “Cape Verde” Exposed, Features 28nm GCN Core Architecture

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Dec 19, 2011
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Details of AMD’s “Cape Verde” Chip based HD7770 have been leaked which include Specifications and Pictures. AMD had previously re-branded its Juniper based Mainstream cards “HD5770/HD5750” as HD6770/HD6750, Their replacements would be based on the new GCN Core 28nm Architecture which would be an upgrade for AMD’s Mainstream Graphics Card lineup.

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The HD7770 features the same but smaller design compared to the HD7970 and includes a larger fan which throws air towards the central heatsink (Looks similar to GTX560):

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Display outputs include DVI, HDMI and Minidisplay ports, Power is provided through a single 6 Pin connector and total TDP is around 100W – 125W. CrossfireX is limited to 2 GPU’s. Every other card below the Cape Verde GPU’s would be rebrands of HD6000 Series featuring the VLIW4 Architecture.

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