AMD Radeon HD 8000M ‘Solar System’ Series to Arrive in Early 2013

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Radeon HD 8000M

AMD is planning to launch its latest Radeon HD 8000M series codenamed ‘Solar System’ in early 2013. According to a report by Sweclockers, the Radeon HD 8000M series is specifically designed for laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks and other tablet devices and would arrive in the very beginning of Q1 2013.

AMD Radeon HD 8000M – Solar System Series

The Radeon HD 8000M series from AMD is codenamed ‘Solar System’ since most of the graphic processing units are named after planets and stars of our solar system, for example Sun, Venus, Mars. Sun would be the highest performing chip, followed by Venus and Mars. AMD is also using the Venus and Mars naming schemes for their desktop ‘Sea Islands’ Radeon HD 8000 series which you can view here.


As for the release date, it is said that the first true graphics unit based on the Radeon HD 8000M series would be showcased by atleast one manufacturer with their All-in-One desktop solutions at the CES 2013 event. Specs show that the new GPUs would feature support for DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.3 and OpenCL 1.2 however it is not known if the early parts would be based on Graphics Core Next (GCN) or GCN 2.0 architecture. Currently, a few Radeon HD 8000M GPUs have surfaced such as the HD 8550M however it is not a true ‘Solar System’ series chip but a rebrand based on the older VLIW4 architecture.

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As for the desktop lineup, we are looking at a Q2 2013 launch schedule since the GPUs have already been delayed due to refinement of AMD’s 28nm GCN 2.0 architecture. You can learn more on that here, until then we will keep on digging the latest bits on Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Island’ and Radeon HD 8000M ‘Solar System’ series.

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