AMD Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Islands’ and ‘Solar System’ Codenames Detailed

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Radeon HD 8000

AMD’s upcoming Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Islands’ and ‘Solar System’ codenames have been thoroughly detailed by a leak through HWiNFO Support List. Earlier, it was thought that the ‘Sea Islands’ and ‘Solar System’ series would be named after planets such as Mars, Venus, Neptune, Sun however the support list show that only the Solar System chips would use these naming schemes. The Radeon HD 8000 Desktop ‘Sea Islands’ GPUs would be named after a range of tropical islands.

3DCenter provides brief details of the new codename scheme the Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Islands’ and Radeon HD 8000M ‘Solar System’ series would use.


AMD Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Islands’ Codenames

The desktop Radeon HD 8000 ‘Sea Islands’ would be based on the latest GCN 2.0 architecture. While the possible specifications of the Radeon HD 8000 series have already been detailed, we look into the new codenames which would be allocated to these GPUs:

  • Oland  (Radeon HD 8600 GPUs – Based on older GCN architecture – 384 shader units, including 24 TMUs and 16 ROPs 128-bit DDR interface)
  • Bonaire  (Radeon HD 8700 GPUs – Mainstream GPU replacing the Cape Verde based HD 7700 series)
  • Hainan  (Radeon HD 8800 GPUs – Performance GPU replacing the Pitcairn based HD 7800 series)
  • Curacao  (Radeon HD 8900 GPUs – High End GPU replacing the Tahiti based HD 7900 series)
  • Aruba  (Radeon HD 8990 GPU – Flagship Dual Chip based on two Curacao chips)
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AMD Radeon HD 8000M ‘Solar System’ Codenames

The AMD Radeon HD 8000 Mobile ‘Solar System’ parts have already been covered along with their codenames. Currently we have a mix of Mars and Sun variants soon to be followed by the faster Neptune and Venus chips. Let’s take a brief look provided by 3DCenter:

  • Mars  (Similar to Oland based on older GCN achitecture, 384 shader units, including 24 TMUs and 16 ROPs 128-bit DDR interface)
  • Sun  (Mainstream chip on base with GCN2-Bonaire-base replacement in the Radeon HD 7700m Series)
  • Neptune  (Mainstream chip on base with GCN2-Bonaire-base replacement in the Radeon HD 7800m Series)
  • Venus  ( Performance chip on GCN2-base on Hainan-base replacement in the Radeon HD 7900m Series)

So we have the code named and the possible specifications covered. The only thing that now remains is the launch date which is said to be Q2 for Radeon HD 8000 series.

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