AMD Kaveri Engineering Samples Spotted, Kabini to Get 3 New Processors

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We have received confirmation that AMD’s Mobile Platform has gotten three new processors.  Among the main differences is a Quad Core Jaguar,  Graphics Core Next (GCN) and an integrated southbridge.

AMD A Series “Kabini” New Processor Lineup

Kernels Frequency L2 cache Graphics / Freq. Memory TDP
E1-2100 2 1.0 GHz 1 MB HD 8210/300 MHz DDR3-1333 9 W
E1-2200 2 1.05 GHz 1 MB HD 8210/300 MHz DDR3-1333 9 W
E2-3000 2 1.65 GHz 1 MB HD 8280/450 MHz DDR3-1600 15 W
E2-3800 4 1.3 GHz 2 MB HD 8280/450 MHz DDR3-1600 15 W
A4-5000 4 1.5GHz 2 MB HD 8330/500 MHz DDR3-1600 15 W
A4-5100 4 1.55 GHz 2 MB HD 8330/497 MHz DDR3-1600 15 W

The first new edition to Kabini is the AMD E1-2200 which is basically the same thing as the E1-2100 except that its clock speed is higher by about 50 Mhz. Secondly it utilizes the same Radeon HD 8210 and has 128 sp and clocked at 300Mzhz. The TDP is of 9 Watts.

Now the AMD E2-3800 which is the successor of the E2-3000. Though the clock rate has been decreased to 1.3Ghz 2 new cores have been added so that the AMD E2-3800 is now a Quad Core. The L2 cache has been increased by 1 MB to offset the additional cores and the TDP is still at 15W and utilizes the same HD 8280.

The final addition to the Kabini Lineup is the AMD A4-5100, has the same TDP as its predecessor the A4-5000 and looks like a basic refresh to us, since there is no significant improvement apart from 50Mhz in the core clock. These new models should appear in Laptops by the end of this year.

AMD x86 Zen Based Raven Ridge APUs To Be Made of GloFo's 14nm Process - Amkor To Package Next Generation HBM APUs

Kaveri Eng Samples Spotted – Launching Jan 7

These samples were acquired by our friends over at VR Zone (Chinese) and basically are pictures of early engineering samples.


These samples are using FM2 + pin, so these should be fine with A88X and A78. The Kaveri APU eng samples have HSA Architecture and it supports Mantle API, OpenGL 4.3 and DX11.2 (Win8 Only). You can expect more information at the APU 13  Event to be held soon where AMD will definitely release more information about Kaveri.

AMD Kaveri APU Engineering Sample 2 AMD Kaveri APU Engineering Sample 1


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