AMD To Integrate ARM Architecture Into Opteron – Google May Design ARM Based Processors

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AMD is touted to release it’s server based “Seattle” processor next year. AMD is referring this as a big change since it’s Opteron processors hit the market back in 2003. ARM’s v8 architecture is receiving a lot of hype and nearly all smartphones running iOS,Android and other major mobile OS’s utilize the ARM architecture. Now it seems the ARM architecture has proven itself that AMD is including it is it’s server offerings.


AMD’s  ”Seattle” Processor To Utilize ARM Architecture

The Seattle SOC will use four or eight Cortex A-57 cpu cores. The A-57 is ARM’s next generation processor and will supersede the current A-15. The SOC will reportedly have many server related features such as ECC ( Error correcting) memory up to 128 GB. A 10Gbps ethernet connection will be enabled on it also.

An important thing to note here is the 15-30W TDP. Although it isn’t too low, it is good enough for server usage. With the 3.7 update to Linux, 64 bit ARMv8 processor support is enabled in Linux related OS’s. Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian have joined in to support ARM’s integration.


Google To Design It’s Own ARM Based Processors

Google is also thinking of designing processors utilizing the ARM. “We are actively engaged in designing the world’s best infrastructure”, A spokeswoman from Google. Intel dominates the server market while a minority uses AMD based architecture. Google’s interference if true will deal a lasting effect on the server market.

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Google ARM

 ARMv8 has proven itself to be a high performance and efficient architecture. It’s improvements over the previous ARMv7 are quite a lot. Indeed it has the ability to flourish in the server environment where the game of efficiency and performance is played.

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