AMD Dual Chip Radeon HD 7990 Rumored to Debut in July in Limited Quantity

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Jul 6, 2012
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Reports from VR-Zone suggest that AMD would launch its flagship Dual Chip “Radeon HD 7990” by the mid of this month although in very limited quantities.

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AMD has always tackled NVIDIA by launching their dual chip monstrosity first but now its been almost 2 months since NVIDIA launched their GTX 690 Dual Kepler GK104 graphics card while AMD has yet to launch a competitor.

Based on two Southern Island based Tahiti XT cores, the HD 7990 would offer 4096 stream processors and upto 12GB GDDR5 memory (6GB on each GPU) along a 384×2 bit wide memory interface. The newly added Boost feature to the 7970GHz and upcoming 7950GHz edition would also be seen on the 7990.

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We can also confirm 12GB of Vram since the FirePro W9000 which was showcased at the AMD Fusion developer summit also had 7 memory chips on the back of the PCB which means 6GB vram for each core.

Vr-zone also confirms that AMD has the card running up in their labs and we could see the beast in the upcoming days.

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