AMD Cuts Prices of Llano A-Series APUs and AM3 Athlon Processors

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AMD has announced an official price cut to its A-Series Llano APUs and AM3 Athlon Processors by updating their price list on the site. Price drops range between 5% to as much as 25% and are focused for the Athlon Dual Core and Quad core series, also the A-series APUs.

AMD A-Series “Llano” APU Price Cuts:

From the A-Series, the chip to get most from the price-cut is the A4-3300 with a 21.7% price reduction, down from $46 to $36. The A4-3400 has also witnessed a price drop from $48 to $40. The better parts such as the A8-3870K is down from $101 to $91 whereas the A8-3850 is down from $91 to $87.

AMD AM3 Athlon II Price Cuts:

On the AM3 front, both dual and quad core Athlon II models have witnessed price cuts with Athlon II X2 265 getting almost 30% price cut with a reduction in price to $48 from $69. There are various models which have gotten upto 20% price cuts while the top parts such as the Athlon II X4 651 has got a price cut of 17.4% with price now set at $76 from $92.

Overall it looks like a good price-cut from AMD making budget users aim for FM1 platform, although the much faster and recently launched FM2 “Trinity” platform is also available at affordable rates, it all comes down to the users which one suits his preference.

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