AMD Bulldozer FX-8130P Overclocked to 5.1Ghz on Air, Benchmarked with CineBench and Super Pi

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Jul 3, 2011
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OBR has posted another video on his YouTube Channel in which he has demonstrated the newly acquired AMD FX-8130P Bulldozer Processor. The user managed to Overclock the CPU successfully upto 5.1Ghz which you can see below in the video:

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The Bulldozer FX-8130P is an 8 Core/ 8 Thread Processor which comes with 8MB L3 Cache, Pricing and Info here. The guy managed to overclock the CPU to 5.1Ghz (1.596) volts with the help of Asus Crosshair V Formula motherboard (Detailed here) along with 4Gigs of ram.

Two benchmarks were used to check the stability of the processors overclock, The max stable overclock achieved with CineBench R11.5 was 4.83Ghz (4834.2mhz) while 5.1 (5077.6mhz) with Super Pi Run. Looks like the Bulldozer are good for massive overclocking using some good heatsinks, The user used a Noctua NH-D14 heatsink to achieve those clocks however temps and benchmarks results have not been shown. OBR is teasing around with some other videos to which we mentioned in the news posts below.


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