AMD Announces Price-Cuts on Flagship Bulldozer Processors and Llano APUs

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Apr 27, 2012
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AMD has announced major price cuts on several FX Bulldozer processors and Llano APUs. The price cuts come after the launch of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors which will hit store shelves on 29th March.

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Yesterday, We reported that the price of flagship 8 Core FX-8150 went down to €180 (Europe) and can also be acquired in U.S for $215. Other than this, FX-8120 has also seen a price cut and is now available for $165. The Six Core FX-6200 is also available from $149 in the U.S.

AMD is also planning to launch an FX-8170 flagship processor which would be the last entry to the Bulldozer FX lineup before Vishera arrives, The processor would arrive in late Q2 2012.

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Llano APUs will also see a price cut of $20-$40, these include A8-3870K and the A8-3670K which are selling for $115/$100 compared to their older prices of $135-$115 respectively, its an indication that Trinity couldn’t be far away from launch. Several other Llano APUs have also got minor price cuts as listed below:

  • A8-3850 $105
  • A8-3820 $115
  • A8-3800 $105
  • A6-3650 $95
  • A6-3600 $95
  • A6-3500 $75
  • A4-3400 $59
  • A4-3300 $55
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