AMD A-Series APUs Already Available at Amazon

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Oct 1, 2012
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The new AMD A-Series APUs would be launching tomorrow however US Online retailer Amazon has already listed several Desktop APUs. The second generation Trinity A-Series would feature enhanced CPU and GPU performance compared to Llano and would allow compatibility with the latest FM2 socket motherboards based on the A85X chipset.

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The flagship A10-5800K is currently listed for $149.99 ($137.23 updated price). The fastest of the A-Series feature a Quad Core design with turbo speed upto 4.2GHz and a HD7660D IGP with 384 Stream processors. The APU further offers a 100W TDP and K Unlocked multiplier for overclockers to rejoice. The pricing scheme pretty much matches that of the last year Llano A8-3870K flagship but performance has improved due to the addition of Piledriver core architecture.

Next up is the A10-5700 which was reportedly listed for $149.99 too for the boxed version but the pricing we currently see on Amazon at the moment is $168.88 which is even higher than A10-5800K. It may be a misprint from Amazon, the chip runs at 4.0GHz Turbo and features the same HD7660D iGPU with 384 stream processors however unlike the A10-5800K, there’s no unlocked design and a TDP of 65W.

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The A8-5600K which as the name suggests features an Unlocked multiplier is being sold for $112 (Boxed version). The APU runs at 3.9GHz turbo frequency maintaining a TDP of 100W. The GPU part consists of a HD7560D chip which has 256 Stream processors.

The AMD A-Series APU’s have already been announced and you can check out various previews in our article here. All that remains is the retail availability of the FM2 motherboards and A-Series Trinity APUs which is expected tomorrow.

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