At WCCFTech, we believe that adverstisments should complement the overall user experience, instead of deteriorating it and sticking out like a sore thumb. That’s why we encourage our advertisers to design their adverts which blend in with the overall site design. This gives a our users, and the potential customers a clean experience while browsing the website.

Ad Spots

Currently, WCCFTech allows direct advertising on the website. If you require direct ad quotations, get in touch with us at saad [at] wccftech [dot] com.


Apart from the above mentioned constraints, all advertisements should follow the following requirements strictly, although we can make a few concessions in some cases.

  • No advertisement should promote racial, religious or sexual discrimination, or incite violence towards any individual or a group.
  • The advertisement should not affect the overall user experience and usability of the website in a negative way.
  • While we generally allow Flash based advertisements, we do however disallow any ad which plays any sounds or do a lot of processing without gaining explicit content of the user.
  • The above rule also applies to videos as well. While the videos can autoplay, their sound must be muted until the user explicitly unmutes it.
  • Flash ads are also restrained to their original dimensions unless the user interacts with them. That is, the ad shouldn’t automatically roll down and cover the area beyond its original dimensions unless the user knowingly interacts with them.