We at WCCFtech.com have strived to provide the best platform possible, to tech enthusiasts from around the world. And on that front, we have come a long way since our inception in 2004.

Some salient features of WCCFtech.com are:

  1. Top of the line tech reviews of hardware and gadgets.
  2. Regular traffic originating from over 149 countries
  3. People from all walks of life; doctors, engineers, sociologists, software gurus, hardware modders and newbies are regular members of this community.

Keeping these above features in mind, WCCFtech.com provides a firm platform not only for the tech savvy people but also who want to learn about the latest trends in the tech world. Our growing member list and network traffic speaks for itself about the growth of WCCFtech.com.

Our Team

Abdullah Saad
[founder, administrator, editor]
saad [at] wccftech [dot] com
He’s the guy who handles the ‘technical’ and ‘editorial’ aspects of WCCFtech. His lack of interest in humans has earned him the nick; ‘bot’ by the very accepting users of WCCFtech. His usual interests lie in web design, CMS operations and integration.

Omer Saleem
[founder, editor]
omer [at] wccftech [dot] com
Omer, along with Saad, form the editorial board of WCCFtech. He’s been a very active contributor towards building this community of technology followers, since its very offset. His interests vary between gadgets, cell phones and computer hardware.

Hassan Mujtaba
[Hardware Editor]
He’s die-hard PC gamer and a hardware enthusiast. He has been in love with hardware since he got his first PII back in 90′s. He mainly covers hardware and gaming Sections on WCCFtech.

Shaikh Rafia
[Android Editor]
Rafia, is the Android Ninja at WCCFtech. She like gadgets and toying with operating systems.

Usman Pirzada
[Hardware and Games Editor]
Usman is the newest edition to the team at WCCFtech. He is a PC hardware and video gaming aficionado and we expect great things from him, in the time to come.


  • In December 2006, a well known print magazine Spider published by “Dawn Media Group” ranked WCCFtech.com as the “Best Hardware Website” of the year.
  • In September 9, 2007 WCCFtech.com officially covered Gaming Convention Asia event held in Singapore.
  • In 2007, WCCFtech.com covered GITEX 2007 held in Dubai.
  • In June 2010, WCCftech.com was awarded the Best Technology Hardware site by CIO & Google Pakistan in the first Pakistan blog awards. The event was organized by CIO and Google Pakistan along with Pakistan’s leading news media group “Dawn”.CIO & Google Blog Awards Pakistan 2010Press Release