About Us

We at WCCFtech.com have strived to provide the best platform possible, to tech enthusiasts from around the world. And on that front, we have come a long way since our inception in 2004. WCCFtech.com is currently one of the leading technology blogs on the web, related to computer, mobile, gaming hardware and software. We cater to an audience of hardcore gamers, high-end gaming hardware, gadget and mobile technology enthusiasts from across the globe, with a majority originating from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Our Team


Abdullah Saad
[Founder, Technical Administrator, CEO]
saad [at] wccftech [dot] com
He’s the guy who handles the technical, editorial, advertising and management aspects of WCCFtech. His lack of interest in humans has earned him the nick; ‘bot’ by the very accepting users of WCCFtech. His usual interests lie in web design, CMS operations and integration.

Omer Saleem
Omer, along with Saad, form the editorial board of WCCFtech. He’s been a very active contributor towards building this community of technology followers, since its very offset. His interests vary between gadgets, cell phones and computer hardware.


Hassan Mujtaba
[Senior Editor – Hardware and Games]
He’s die-hard PC gamer and a hardware enthusiast. He has been in love with hardware since he got his first PII back in 90’s. He mainly covers hardware and gaming Sections on WCCFtech.

Usman Pirzada
[Editor – Hardware and Games]
Usman is the newest edition to the team at WCCFtech. He is a PC hardware and video gaming aficionado and we expect great things from him, in the time to come.

Khalid Moammer
[Editor – Hardware]
PC Hardware Enthusiast, Hardcore Gamer, Love Tech. He’s been building gaming systems for over a decade & following the semiconductor industry for just as long.

Rafia Shaikh
[Editor – Android, iOS and Internet]
Rafia is the Android and iOS Ninja at WCCFtech. She likes gadgets and toying with different operating systems.

Fahad Arif
[Editor – Games]
Fahad is WCCFtech’s resident gaming guru. He likes gadgets and toys with a multitude of console systems.

Android, iOS and Internet

Ramish Zafar
[Contributor – Smartphones, Android]
He’s an Android, iOS and a hardware enthusiast. He has been contributing technical news, guides, reviews and articles on WCCFtech on mobile related topics.

Uzair Ghani
[Contributor – iOS]
He’s a die-hard Apple user (read: fanboy) with strict focus on bringing everyone the latest and greatest how-to guides for all things iPhone, iPad and the Mac. Occasionally breaks news when the need arises, and handles jailbreak related guides and walkthroughs as well.

Omar Sohail
[Contributor – Mobile Hardware, Android]

Ali Salman
[Contributor – iOS]

PC and Console Gaming

Abdullah Awan
Accounting Geek. Technology Enthusiast. Author/Publisher at WCCFTech who loves his games dearly!

Archie Paras
He has been a computer and console enthusiast for more than 25 years. And a hardcore gamer, all his life. He has a very good understanding of the industry’s technological, business and marketing aspects.

Jeff Williams
Grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he fell in love with gaming and building his own PC’s. Now he’s a professional student working on breaking into the IT Security realm. When he’s not deep in his studies he’s deep in a new game, or revisiting an old game.

Alessio Palumbo
Decade-long gaming writer and former Editor in Chief of Worlds Factory. Self-professed TV Series addict; also fond of movies, books and generally everything that has to do with stories.






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