The Other 99 Update Completely Rebalances Combat

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Jan 28, 2017
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Waking up alone on an island never works well. Developer Burning Arrow just released an update that completely rebalances the combat for The Other 99.

The Other 99 is a single-player, first-person action-survival game where you are trapped on an island with 99 other poor saps. Those 99 other saps are A.I controlled survivors all set to murder each other including you until there is one person left.

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Think of it as a more brutal version of the Hunger Games. You can play it smart, sit back and have everyone kill each other or you take matters into your own hands. Be careful, though, the game does use a permadeath system so when you die you have to start over with a set of opponents.

The developer also hinted that this will be the last update before ‘major changes’ come to The Other 99.

The Other 99 is current in Early Access for PC and expected to be released also on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Burning Arrow talked about the status of the Early Access on their Steam page:

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Throughout our early access we will be paying very close attention to reviews, forum posts and bug reports. We want to make sure that every player that invests time into The Other 99 is rewarded with firstly excellent entertainment but secondly a proactive development team that engages with the community.

We will also develop our AI by watching how you play and making them learn and adapt. This means you can help us just by playing the game as you normally would!

We look forward to talking to you all about The Other 99 and we look forward to making you as enthusiastic about it as we are.

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