200+ Devs Working With PlayStation VR, Battlezone a Launch Title

Jeff Williams
Oct 28, 2015
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Sony’s PlayStation VR was understandably a very important part of their press conference earlier today. It’s an exciting new technology and one that they’ve been working on perfecting so that even those on PS4 can enjoy a measure of immersion that might not even be possible on the PC in certain ways.

Shuhei Yoshida announced that over 200 developers are interested in the PlayStation VR and are either actively working on a title, or are looking at their options to make a great game from the ground up. Rebellion just happens to be one of those developers who are taking the PlayStation VR and making it a staple of one of their newest, yet antiquated, games.

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The acclaimed virtual reality reboot of Battlezone is now confirmed as a launch title for PlayStation VR.

This is indeed a natural choice to show off the capabilities that are available for VR. It’s a simply controlled game though the level of immersion and 360 degree awareness can be prized by those wishing to be able to compete at the absolute top.

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“We’re delighted to be part of PlayStation VR’s launch line-up. Developing Battlezone¬†is such a thrill because we’re right at the forefront, riding this incredible new wave of VR technology.¬†PlayStation have been an invaluable partner, and our tech teams have worked closely to ensure Battlezone delivers the potential seen in their VR hardware. To launch alongside PlayStation VR at such a pivotal shift in the gaming landscape will be one of the most exciting moments in Rebellion’s 23 year history.”

– Rebellion CEO and Co-founder Jason Kingsley

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